A Cruel Tale. Book 3

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By: Alex Sapegin

Genre: fantasy, adventure, Young Adult

Age: 14+

Price: $5.99

Overview: War has broken out. It’s time for the young Dragon to show everyone just what he’s worth. With his wounds healed, wings spread and both his hearts beat passionately, Andy takes part in a new battle!

All peaceful days are long gone. The world is on the edge of destruction: armies are posed to attack and are starting their military campaigns. Magic is running low, and the distant sea is getting closer, with nothing holding it back anymore. This is all the price that mortals pay for being fooled. 
Still, in a land far-away is a simple man, still trying his best to find his missing son. Portal technology is developing more and more, and soon the group of scientists will be able at least to get a glimpse of Andy… but will they like what they see?
“A Cruel Tale” is the third book of Alex Sapegin’s epic “The Dragon inside” series. Here we reach the point of no return in Andy’s arch. The tension is coming to a breaking point, and all mistakes and misunderstandings, all human vices, deaths and struggles have led the world of Ilanta to catastrophe. However, there is a ray of hope; a golden, crystal ray of hope, and he is ready to fight for justice and those he loves. 
In “A Cruel Tale,” we are faced with a seemingly enormous task for just a boy, but one that’s maybe just enough for a Dragon.

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