John Gold

My childhood can be simply described in one word: rebellious. Every day, my parents would want me to go outside and play with the other kids. But no. I rebelled. Instead of listening to my mom and dad about getting exercise and some fresh air, I stayed inside doing the most rebellious thing I could think of to exasperate my parents: read. Being an inquisitive child, I spent days reading books and encyclopedias.I called it expanding my horizons.My parents called it being lazy.

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G. Akella

Akella has been my game nickname for almost 17 years. My love affair with the MMORPG genre began with Ultima Online, and I played WoW from its release date. 

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Fayroll 5 is Out Now!

Fayroll 5 is available for pre-order now and is out on 3 October. Join...

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Winds of Fate Nominated for Cover of the Month!

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Reviews of More Than a Game

Have you seen our book but not sure if you want to read it...

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Fayroll 4: Gong and Chalice is Out Now!

Fayroll 4 is out now. Join Kif as he complets the Dryad quest and...

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