G. Akella

13:25, 8 February 2018

Georgy Smorodinsky. 

46 years old, live in Moscow, married with three daughters. Akella has been my game nickname for almost 17 years. My love affair with the MMORPG genre began with Ultima Online, and I played WoW from its release date. My main classes are Warrior, Rogue and Death Knight. Back in vanilla WoW I made Grand Marshall with my warrior, for those who still remember what that is. Throughout WoW’s existence I was present for the slaying of roughly 70-80% of raid bosses; in those encounters, I was the main tank about half the time. In vanilla, I was the guild master of Shadow Angels on the Executus server. The guild had approximately 250 members, with an average of 80 people online every day. Sometimes I led raids to MC and BWL (for those who remember, in vanilla raid groups maxed out at 40). I also spent some time playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. Presently I’m playing Black Desert.

Patch 17 is my first book. I had never written anything before it. I was inspired to start writing after reading D. Rus, A. Vasilev, R. Mikhaylov and V. Mahanenko. I wanted to create a world that lived by the game’s rules, to write a book that even gamers would enjoy reading. The same gamers who killed skeletons at the Vesper graveyard, stormed castles in Lineage 2, battled in Alterac Valley, and spent months chipping away at Nefarian and the Lich King.
Of utmost importance to me are: the logic of the game world, the immersion factor (for readers to feel as if they’re part of this world), and logical behavior of the book’s characters. So far so good, it would seem. Five of the books in the series are finished. Book three is in the process of being published. The first two books have sold out their initial print run, and more are being printed. The reviews from critics and fan feedback grow better with each new book. I sincerely hope that you will get to read book two of the series, The Cursed Princedom, in February.

Oh, and one day I dream of visiting San Francisco, the city where Patch 17 begins. Thank you, everyone, and happy reading.

Georgy Smorodinsky (Akella)


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