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Alex Sapegin

The Dragon Inside Series

Alex Sapegin is a sci-fi and fantasy author who lives in the far eastern city of Khabarovsk in Russia with his wife, two kids, a pet parakeet and an overly confident tomcat.

An electrical engineer by education, Alex Sapegin has had an interesting life with an extensive career in the railway industry and tunnel construction while, at the same time, making time to follow his joy crafting stories.

Alex had a special flair for storytelling from as early as his high-school days, when his peers would eagerly listen to his action-packed stories with their many twists and turns. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before his friends and family persuaded him to put pen to paper, which proved to be a life-changing decision.

His first epic fantasy novel, Becoming the Dragon, now available in English, was originally released in 2010 and instantly became a bestseller all over Russia, the post-Soviet Union and Eastern European countries, shortly followed by three more books of the series: Wings On My BackA Tale of Violence, and Three Wars.

Alex Sapegin is also the author of The Clash, The Pet Story and Diaries of the Morph translated into several languages and soon forthcoming in English. When Alex is not crafting his wonderful stories, he enjoys spending time with his children, skating or fishing.


‘The Dragon Inside’ Series:

Book 1 – Becoming the Dragon

Book 2 – Wings on my Back

Book 3 – A Cruel Tale

Book 4 – Crown of Horns

Book 5 – Home at Last

‘The Clash’ Series:

‘The Clash. Book 1’

‘The Clash. Cont’d. Book 2’


‘People of Tunnels’

‘The Pet Story’

‘Diaries of the Morph’

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Becoming the Dragon. Book 1

Portal traveling, especially an unplanned one, is hardly a walk in the park, so Andrei Kerimov had better brace himself for all sorts of annoying surprises and deadly quests. And becoming a dragon may prove to not be the biggest challenge of them all… Becoming the Dragon is a fast-paced, action-packed story of a teenage portal traveller-turned-dragon set in the faraway fairytale world of Ilanta. It is the first book of The Dragon Inside, the bestselling series comprised of a total of

A Cruel Tale. Book 3


Home at Last. Book 5

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Wings on my back. Book 2

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The Dragon Inside series (3 books)

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Crown of Horns. Book 4