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Andrey Vasiliev

Fayroll series

At times, he feels he was meant to be an innkeeper someplace on the outskirts of Bree in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth. However, in real life, Andrey Vasilyev is a much-celebrated Moscow-based author, as well as one of the originators of the relatively new, yet insanely popular, LitRPG genre that blends cyberpunk, classic sci-fi, and fantasy.

By his own admission, Andrey started writing in his late 30’s and only “because there was nothing handy to read,” but after his first two books gained nearly instant acclaim, he had to give serious thought to changing his current banking career to that of professional writer. Fortunately for his readers, who had voted his debut novel More Than a Game the “Best Book of the Year 2014,” he never looked back after that.

Over the next few years, he continued work on his now-bestselling Fayroll series, maintained a blog, and participated in various multiple-author projects. Andrey is also the author of The Raven’s Flock and The Arch series, which will soon be available in English.

When he is not writing his intricately crafted, action-packed stories, he enjoys playing online shooter games with his son or rummaging through second-hand bookshops and bookstalls in search of rare editions or personal favorites.


‘Fayroll’ Series:

More Than a Game

The Road East

The Land of Cold Winds

The Gong and the Chalice

The Sicilian Defence

Flying the Black Flag

Taking Sides

In Word and in Steel

Freedom of Choice

Two Fires

A Call for Clemency (Vol. 1)

A Call for Clemency (Vol. 2)

‘The Arch’ Series:

The Journey of the Six

At the Mercy of the Waves

‘The Raven’s Flock’ Series:

A Castle at the Raven Hill

The Tombs of Five Mages


FantLab’s Book of the Year Award (2014)


VKontakte Personal Page (https://vk.com/id239889543)

FantLab Page (https://fantlab.ru/autor39094)

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Fayroll series
(9 books)

Harriton Nikiforov is a binge-drinking tabloid reporter who embarks on the business trip of a lifetime, to the virtual world of Fayroll. The future is already here, and Harry is experiencing it first-hand. He, of all people, knows that virtual reality can become larger than life—and a computer game can be More Than a Game.   The insanely popular Russian Fayroll series by Andrey Vasilyev is at long last available in English. It currently comprises twelve titles, with—let

Word and Steel. Book 9

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Gong and Chalice. Book 4

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Sicilian Defense. Book 5

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Under the Black Flag. Book 6

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Different Sides. Book 7

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The Crown and the Key. Book 8

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