Changing Masks. Whirlwind. Book 1


By: Nicholas Metelsky

Genre: Young Adult, fantasy, adventure, action, Sci-fi

Age: 14+

Price: $0.99

Overview: What would a badass and successful fighter think about being transferred into the body of a helpless and powerless child in Urban Tokyo of another world? His entire family is left behind in another universe, and he is now alone with only his bare hands to protect himself. 
«We sincerely apologize for what happened. The chances of the wave hitting you were one to three billion. The lives of a few people are not worth an entire world. Forgive us if you can».
This new world is the same, and yet it is completely different. Once someone made another decision and led this world’s history the other road. 
Tokyo is an epicenter of clan wars, a dangerous place where you have to watch your step, your back, and what you say. No one can protect a child who was left by its parents long ago. 
No way is this going to demoralize the experienced fighter turned a helpless child, who now goes by the name of Shinji. He has his mind, strong beliefs, and will to fight. That hasn’t changed at all. With those traits, however, comes more challenges. Shinji will fight for his deserved place in this strange new world and will show everyone what he is made of. He won't be one of many, he will be The One. His road lays through shadows, his steps are silent, his moves are deadly. As you know, rogues do it in the darkness, rogues do it from behind.
At night, against the backdrop of a Tokyo that delves into shady operations, Shinji is a skillful agent who does possess neither weaknesses nor mercy, yet is a trickster-thief. During the day, Shinji is a defenseless pupil in a school full of heirs of powerful clans, tries to figure out his studies and work at teenage relations. Who knows which one is more difficult! It is a sharp position, one wrong step might cost too much. Revealing himself will be a life costing mistake.
«Changing Masks» is the first book of the sci-fi adventure of «Whirlwind» series by critically-acclaimed author Nicholas Metelsky. This series is the ultimate adventure of a lifetime as the reader gets to watch Shinji start from the bottom and work his way to the top. The world Metelsky has created is full of inconceivable and tricky fights, modern magic, mechas and the fault of human pride. In this explosive mixture of science fiction and human error, our hero has to find and conquer his spot… hiding his true self behind a mask. 

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