Home at Last. Book 5

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By: Alex Sapegin

Genre: fantasy, adventure, Young Adult

Age: 14+

Price: $5.99

Overview: One road is still untraveled for a Crystal Dragon. The one, he has left, being Andy. 
Home awaits.
"Family" is not just a word, while the mighty dragon was getting stronger in another world, the father still believes in the best and is still working on teleportation technology to bring his son back… and keeps noticing strange things occurring with his younger daughter. She has the soul of a Dragon and is the one who can help to bring Andy back. But is it really what they all need? 
There is no way any of them can anticipate the outcome of the meeting: so much time, filled with the most difficult challenges, has passed. All that has a strong impact on their personalities. The government won’t let the first portal traveler go so easily; he is such a valuable exemplar for scientific research. Still, there is one indefinable force that has its own plans for the family reunion. 
While cruelty, danger, and death still lurking at every turn, the story of Andy’s crusade is far from the end. So many knots to cut, so many people, elves, orcs and dragons to save. 
“Home at last” is the final book of “The Dragon Inside” series by Alex Sapegin. The epic, adventurous story approaches the final denouement, while the most difficult decisions still have to be made. All the questions will be answered, all the mysteries — revealed, all the puzzles — solved. 
This is the final peek into the trio of connected worlds, the final way home. Where will it lead our heroes?

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