Kiran: The Warrior's Daughter. Rights of the Strong. Book 1


By: Ellen Stellar

Genre: fantasy, adventure, Young Adult, Sci-fi, romance

Age: 14+

Price: $3.99

Overview: Meet Kiran; the young, the reckless and the wild cadet of the most prestigious and promising educational institution. Beautiful, free-spirited, jolly, clever and fun-loving. She never comes short of stories with her sense of adventure – at times illegal, at times dangerous, but always exciting and amusing. You only live once after all, and at eighteen the whole world seems to be at your feet. Her life is one of organizing underground races, gambling, skipping classes, issuing fake IDs and having passionate love affairs… but also one of being kidnapped, being sent to her native planet and being forced to marry the toughest warrior by the law of the strong. Wait, what?!
Every girl dreamt at least once of being a princess, but being a princess of Eeristan, the khassarat of Aygor is no joke. And it is definitely not about fancy dresses, diamond tiaras, and palaces. Eeristan is the land of men – the land of the strong, a patriarchal society where women have no rights, no voice. No way that she will accept this! She will run away back to her freedom and lifestyle. Her restless soul won’t abide her cruel father nor to her supposed husband. No matter how difficult it might be to confront the whole tribe. Physical strength is on their side, but she is a cadet after all, and cadets never surrender! What a pity, but Eeristan might not survive her grandiose and outlandish resourcefulness.
Kiran: The Warrior’s Daughter is the first book of the Rights of The Strong by Ellen Stellar. Ellen is one of the most popular Russian fantasy and romance writers, and a winner of multiple awards, in 2017 she won the award "Fantasy writer of the year-2017". She crafts together breathtaking narrative consisting of fourteen stories, full of humor, adventures, wit, and grit. This is a Sci-fi Space Opera tale with a strong leading female character in a universe where you can be a captain of a spaceship and a princess of an outdated patriarchal tribe at the same time.
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