Limitless. Project Chrysalis. Book 4


By: John Gold

Genre: LitRPG, Science Fiction & Fantasy; Teen & Young Adult

Age: 14+

Price: $6.95

Overview: Haven’t seen you for a while, have you missed Hell enough already? Welcome back, Sagie… and make a wish.

*You’re filled with DETERMINATION*

His path is filled with blood and anger. His bruised soul is thrilled to bring back his loved ones and even Death cannot stop him on this holy crusade. Actually, Death is the only one who can help him.

Chrysalis — the project of the century. It is a hyper-realistic fantasy RPG game, set in the Middle Ages… isn’t it? Get ready to face the truth about this gigantic and twisted project. The destiny of the humanity will be decided in the last battle against the most mysterious and dangerous person ever logged in.

An experiment went wrong and has already drawn the attention of each and every Chrysalis officer. While they’re trying to figure out irrationality and violations in the Project Chrysalis rules, Bloody Sagie is ready to deliver a final battle to the whole world and its Keepers. Now the most deadly and distractive spells and sharpened swords will do the talking. He used to be alone in the crowd, but now friends can cover his back. It is time to show everyone what he is really worth of; no one will get him down. Bring it on!

Project Chrysalis Limitless is the last book in the dark LitRPG series written by John Gold. Everything falls into place now, all questions will be answered. Do you think you’re ready to face the Truth?

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