10 Unique Gifts for Book-Lovers

17:39, 18 January 2018

Have an introverted book-lover in your life? If you’re interested in impressing the thoughtful bookworm in your life, take a look at our favorite gifts for any literary-fanatic.


1. Scarves inspired by classic literature

How else is everyone going to know that you’ve read a ridiculous amount of high-brow literature if you don’t wear the actual text around your neck? Good news – now you can! Stay warm in the winter while simultaneously letting everyone know that you’re stylish and that you have good taste in books. 

2.  “New book smell” perfume

I am convinced that readers today will never give up the printed book completely simply because of their love of that distinct “new book smell.” Did you know that it’s been packaged and turned into a scent? Maybe we can start spraying it on our e-readers and make printed books obsolete? I digress…definitely a quirky gift for any book-lover. 

3. Rubberband bookmarks

I hate bookmarks because I constantly lose them. I hate not using bookmarks because that means I am going to dog-ear the book’s pages – something incredibly offensive to any book-lover’s good senses. Luckily someone solved these problems with the rubber bookmarks. Some of them even point directly to the last word you read. What better gift than that for someone who not only loves reading, but for someone extremely particular?

4.  Whatever this is

What else says “I am a practical person who uses kitchen appliances, and by the way, I also love reading” more than this? That’s right – nothing. 

5. Reading light

I bet at some point, if you were an avid reader, your mom told you to go to sleep and turn off the lights, but you wanted to keep reading past your bed time. Now you can. Read on into the night you little rebel.

6. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

You’ve seen this book right? It’s really big, old, and Russian. You probably know one person who has read it, but you don’t like them because they’re really boring or unpleasant – but – super intelligent. You too can look intelligent with the gift of War and Peace! Don’t worry, you don’t have to read it, it makes a good paper-weight too.

7. E-reader

Does it really matter which one? No – if you can read books on it, it’s a 10/10 gift. Next.

8. Cozy blanket

Trust me, if your friend is truly about that book life, they spend a solid 60% of their life cozily under a blanket reading their favorites. Be that friend that understands no book life without a blanket.

This is how your friend prefers to be when they read: 

9. Quirky mug for their favorite hot drink

A good book, a cozy blanket, and a hot drink of choice (we won’t start the coffee vs. tea argument) is truly the holy trinity of a good book-reading experience. 


10. Book ends

Your friend probably has more than one book. They also may not really have a shelf. What can solve this problem of book storage? That’s right – book ends! They have all kinds of book ends to suit whatever taste you have, but may I just suggest, dragon book ends?

It’s all of your books close together, but now there’s a dragon going through all of them. Wow. The Dragon Inside™ your books! (Looking at you, Alex Sapegin.)


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