An interview with Lina J. Potter

10:54, 31 January 2018


Lina J. Potter is the author of “A Medieval Tale” series, chosen by LitWorld to be translated and presented to the English-speaking community. This book is based on the idea of women's rights and freedoms during the Medieval era, which is still a hot topic today. As our digital publishing house’s goal is to take best of the best, we couldn’t just pass up a story of a strong woman defending herself and what she loves, standing against the whole system in the Medieval world. For those curious, the first book of the series called “First Lessons” is now available for pre-order.

With that being said — we’ve asked a few interesting questions to allow our readers the possibility to get to know one of our authors better.


- Why did you decide to write books? How long did it take you to make this decision?

- I’ve never decided to write consciously. Since childhood, I loved to create stories and tell them. Here is one of my first memories of my childhood: I’m walking with my granny and telling her my own fairy-tale. Later I started to write all my stories down, and one day I uploaded it to the net. It was a surprise to me that people became interested in them. But I’m really glad to share my own worlds with others, to slightly open a window to the unknown.


- Do you remember your feelings after getting your first book published?

- I do. I was too excited to wait for a publisher to send me my copy of a book. I just bought it at a bookstore myself, opened it right there, turned a few pages… and nearly cried…My first book… I put it under my pillow, touched it all night. I couldn’t believe it was happening, that it was for real.


- How is a story born? What does it need? Where do you get your plots? How do you create them?

- This is the most difficult question for a writer to answer. Every story has its beginning. It’s as if someone whispers them to me in my dreams; something just needs to be told. One day you just meet these characters, and they start telling you their stories. They are very capricious, by the way!  Before, I was trying to write strictly to a plan, but they kept changing as they wish and I’ve gotten used to it. Let them come and speak; I’ll always be glad to listen and share their stories with my readers.


-Do you have a favorite series out of yours? Which one and why? Do you associate yourself with its heroines?

- I do not actually have a favorite one. It’s the same thing as not being able to have a favorite child. They all are good at something and weak in another, you sacrifice something for them, abandon something, and in exchange, you receive much more. All my stories are parts of me. Do I associate myself with my heroines? No, otherwise I’d have a split personality (smiles). I live their lives with them, I sympathize and empathize with them, but at the same time, I always remember: they are independent people who won’t tolerate my arbitrariness.


- Fantasy and melodrama — such an unusual combination of genres, why exactly did you choose them?

- It could be because I’m a woman? We’re up to fantasies and like to dream about love. It is natural. Still, I’m trying out different genres; I will not renounce anything.


- Was it a surprise to receive a proposal from LitWorld when they suggested to translate and spread “Medieval Tale” in the United States and all over the English-speaking world? How did you feel about that?

- It was not just a surprise -- it was a shock. I never thought someone abroad could be interested in my books, but a publisher knows best. Of course, I was happy. To share your stories with the whole world — it is just stunning. It is like you’ve been given a pair of wings.


- In the USA now, both as in the other parts of the world, the topic of women's rights and gender inequality is extremely relevant. Did you have to face this personally?

- Unfortunately, in Russia this issue is not current, on the contrary inequality is strong. Men can reach success easily; women have to pay a higher price: time, energy, health, happiness, family… I can see this clearly from my friends and acquaintances. Also, I’ve faced that myself… I can only say this: we –as women – need to survive and become stronger.


- Do you consider Aliya, I mean Lilian Earton, as an example to follow?

- Destiny itself favors the bold.

Lilian is a good example of the person who decides to change its life through hard work. When someone is ready to put in maximum effort to pour all of his or his soul into something, without complaint, clenching his or her teeth and getting up after every blow of fate… It is a good example to follow. Still, it’s only my point of view.

- An opening book from “Medieval Tale” series, “First Lessons” is available for a preorder now and it already attracts audience interest.  What are your expectations?

- I’m afraid to think ahead, so as to not jinx it. But I sincerely hope that readers will like my book and that my characters will find resonance within them.


 - You are very sensitive to the issue of confidentiality, right? What caused that?

- My family’s peace (smiles). When I just started writing and uploaded my first book to the internet, I figured out one of my colleagues read it. She also discussed me as an author… with me. That moment I realized that mine and my family’s peace ends as soon as I reveal myself. I live in a little town; rumors go around quickly here -- that is why silence is key.


- How would you react to the opportunity to meet your readers in person? At any book expo in the US, for example?

- For my readers, I am ready to fly across half of the world.


 - Would you like to wish anything to your readers?

- First of all — health. It is the most important thing, without it, everything seems useless.

I wish them happiness, peace in their soul, over the world and in the whole world.

Remember -- death is the only thing that is impossible to fix. Everything else is possible to fight, to overcome, to get up again, it might be extremely difficult, but you have to cope with it.

Love your life, love our world, smile at it -- that is when the world will smile back to you.

And remember, Stardust is under your feet, never surrender, and you will inherit everything!


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