One Woman and the Four Chambers of the Heart


By: Tatiana Vedenska

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult & College, Contemporary Fiction

Age: 18+

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Overview: “She is gone. I want her back. I’m helpless.” Chances are, you have never seen the unbreakable Maxim as vulnerable, intimate, sincere, and defenceless as now.
Trying to pick up the threads of her old life, but not entirely sure how to do that by herself, Snow White runs away, leaving their familiar fairy tale far behind. Yet despite all her pleas and promises, the Dark Prince won’t let her get away so easily. Abandoned by a woman for the first time in his life, the bewildered Maxim still remains his confident billionaire self, deciding to follow her trail to the bitter end. But where it leads him is beyond anything he could have ever expected.

“Two months, and then he finds another toy? What’s going to happen to me afterwards?”
An abyss between them seems impossible, but both Arina and Maxim will never be able to go back to their lives and pretend that nothing has ever happened. The point of no return was passed long ago. They have to survive the clash of two diametrically opposite worlds, to fight for that strange, unclear, yet irresistible feeling, dark desire, and fatal temptation. They have chosen their #SinisterRomance. He finally gives in to love, gathering his courage to face Arina’s true self, learn her personality, and explore the idea of happiness and the unbearable simplicity of life in the countryside. She, on the other hand, collects all the bits and pieces of her remaining strength to face Maxim’s cruel and filthy world, filled with money, lust, blood, blackmail, emotional abuse and… a murder?!

One Woman and the Four Chambers of the Heart is the sequel to Two Months and Three Days, which introduced readers to the romantic suspense between Arina and Maxim, exploring each and every hidden chamber of the lovers’ hearts. One of the darkest and the most sensual romantic fairy tales for adults, written by Tatiana Vedenska, is far from an end. In fact, it is only beginning! While Maxim’s and Arina’s bond is getting stronger, the world around them is growing more dangerous.
Tatiana Vedenska is one of the most popular contemporary romantic suspense and women's fiction writers in her home country of Russia. Her novels have been translated into several languages, including English, as well as adapted to screen. She has a steadily growing international fan base.

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