The Clearing. Medieval Tale. Book 2


By: Lina J. Potter

Genre: Historical Fiction/Time Travel

Age: 16+

Price: $5.99

Overview: A simple wish to live has changed the life of Aliya, a medical student for good. Trapped in a body that isn’t hers, and a world in which she does not belong, Aliya has made her decision. In the Medieval Times, where women are oppressed and deprived of a voice and ambitions, she will counterbalance the darkness with her yearning for life, her bright mind and her confidence. Adaptation time is over, now it is time for taking actions. 
Something smells fishy in the estate of Earton, and despite Aliya’s prudence she attracts both curiosity and suspicion. She is too different from the Lilian everyone knew. The carrier pigeons are sent to fly from one estate to another. All eyes are on her now. Will they discover her truth? 
As if fighting corruption, famine and devastation wasn’t enough, she has to take care of her stepdaughter Miranda, who acts like a spoiled little brat. Lilian is determined, she will not let her authority be undermined. 
Conspiracies, discontent, assassination attempts and obstacles await her at every corner of the renovated Earton Estate. However, she is not alone anymore. Her kindness and competence has brought many people by her side. 
Silent times make way for a turbulent storm. King Edward invites her over to the Royal Palace. The saga continues... Will she be able to show what she is worth of? 
The Clearing is the next book of the Medieval Tale series. 

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