The Right to Choose. Book 10


By: Andrey Vasilyev

Genre: LitRPG, Young Adult, fantasy, adventure, Role Playing & Fantasyaction

Age: 14+

Price: $6.95

Overview: Fayroll Book Ten The Right to Choose
Welcome back, fellow adventurer! Go ahead, sit closer to a fireplace and feel safe. This is going to be a long night, for I have an epic tale to tell you. Let me tell you the story about how I—
Oh, I already told you about that? Well, fine. I guess I should continue from where we left off then. So, let me see. Where to even begin?
Wars have broken the world of Fayroll. The Gelts fight for their new king. Dark creatures from our worst nightmares stick their teeth and claws into the flesh and bone of Light Orders. Guilds prepare armor and weapons for the great battle. All the while, one little clan is clamped between Scylla and Charybdis. It isn’t a large or strong clan, and, compared to all of the other local communities, it’s more like a small camp. Still, it’s my clan, and I don’t want anything to happen to it...
"The Right to Choose" is the 10th installment in the epic LitRPG Fayroll series.
The road has been tame so far in comparison to what lays ahead for Hariton and his in-game life as Hagen. There are still a mountain of quests to find and complete, battles to wage and win, and friends to invite.
Be careful, fellow adventurer, Fayroll is more than a game, more than a LitRPG!
Open your eyes and don’t let yourself be fooled by the imaginary security of a real world with false leads and traitorous alliances. Hariton has to pay for the erroneous mistake he made. And yet, still… What we consider difficult times often opens what was hidden to us before.
New enemies, evil motives, and mystery appear right between our character. He can fight back with his physical strength and mighty weapons in Fayroll, but while offline he has no sword in his hand or spells at his fingertips.
The only thing he can count on? His instinct to survive, his intelligence, few friends left and... Raidion? Or can he really trust someone whose secrets are guarded so much?

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