The Road East. Book 2


By: Andrey Vasilyev

Genre: LitRPG, Young Adult, fantasy, adventure, Role Playing & Fantasyaction

Age: 14+

Price: $5.99

Overview: Get ready for more epic battles, legendary artefacts, and incredible quests in the highly anticipated second Fayroll story. As Harriton’s Fayroll articles spark interest and his career picks up, he remains Hagen the Warrior, but still, a lucky noob who stumbles across a highly coveted “hidden” quest. He must save the four Dryad sisters. Starting with Ogina in the East, he haphazardly begins his journey on the Long Road East only to realize that the game is beginning to affect his real life.
He manages to come out of many dangerous situations unscathed; happily switching between two worlds; making new friends and facing foes along the way. But Harry is also forced to pursue a real-life mission inside the game world that shows the thin line between the two worlds is becoming much thinner. It is only a matter of time before he starts asking himself some hard questions. What if his luck runs out? Or, more importantly, is he playing his own game or is he being manipulated?
He is going to find abandoned temples, visit the Cursed Village, fight the Serpent King of the Nagas, and deal with epic monsters, all of which is accompanied by clashes of swords and sorcery and epic clan wars in this epic MMORPG. Action and adventure are hiding around every corner just waiting to be awakened.
After Andrey Vasilyev’s More Than a Game became an instant success with readers in Russia and worldwide, he continued developing the popular Fayroll series. According to many readers, The Road East, Vasilyev’s second LitRPG novel, is every bit as good as his first, if not better.
The Road East not only develops the virtual reality of Fayroll but also the real world parts of the story much more than the first novel. It’s not just about new assignments, new employers or even a new girlfriend. The depiction of the offline world is now on par with that of the gaming world – a rare find in a LitRPG book.
Vasilyev is certainly growing as a writer. His characters are becoming more and more rounded, dynamic and versatile – and even psychologically convincing. The author also continues his engaging detail and sharpness with almost cinematic clarity. The Road East is a gripping mix of dialogue and action, mixed with a characteristic sense of humor comprised of self-irony and mild mockery, never going too far but adding color and flavor to the story.
Andrey Vasilyev started writing in his late thirties, because, by his own admission, “he ran out of things to read”. However after his first two books gained nearly instant critical acclaim, he gave serious thought to giving up his banking career and went on to become one of the top authors in the relatively new, but instantly hugely popular, LitRPG genre.

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