Top 10 Reasons Why Books are Better Than Movies

03:00, 1 January 1970

1. You Can Imagine Things The Way You Want To
You can imagine characters, places, scenes just the way you want them to be. Books allow your mind to be creative.

2. Books Are More Detailed
Apart from narrating the storyline in depth, books explain the thoughts going through a characters’ minds while performing an action, which lets you connect with them better and immerse yourself deeper in the story.
Books also often develop their characters more and add multiple dimensions to them. Game Of Thrones is a great example of this. Each and every character has their own thoughts and feelings about one another, the chapters are full of life, it makes you feel like you ARE inside the characters head. Not to mention each chapter – depending on which character it is- will have its own tone- Woah, wait a minute, that was turning into a Game of Thrones review, anywho. BOOKS ARE awesome.

3. Books Last Longer
You can read a book at your own pace. You can either enjoy it slowly over a few weeks, or you can devour it in a day or two.

4. Characters In Books Cannot Be Ruined By Bad Acting
In movies, a lot of times, brilliantly developed characters fail to impress because of the actor’s inability to perform the role.
Movies always remove your vision of the book and bad acting ruins the book.

5. Movies Have Limited Storytelling Time
A good story can’t be told to it’s full potential in two and a half hours.
Movies don’t have the same budget as books, books budget is imagination.

6. Books Are Totally Portable
You cannot take a movie in school can you?
You will have to worry about having electricity to play the movie.

7. A Lot Of Movies Focus On Being Commercial, Compromising On Quality
A lot of directors are so focused on making money that they stop caring about their movies’ quality. They know what sells, and so, they follow the basic blueprint which is sure to get the masses filling up theatres.

8. Reading Is Usually Cheaper
Ticket price + popcorn and a drink – for a movie which will last no more than three hours vs the price of a book – which will last for a week or two.

9. Books Improve Your Vocabulary
Apart from doing something recreational, you’re also doing something productive.

10. Reading A Story Makes It Stay In Your Mind Longer
A story you have read over a few days stays with you longer.