Two Months and Three Days


By: Tatiana Vedenska

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult & College, Contemporary Fiction

Age: 18+

Price: $2.99

Overview: When an innocent and naive girl Arina wanders into an exhibition of an extremely rich and scandalous photographer Maxim, she got caught with his predatory eyes.
He needs no love, no happiness, no family. Forbidden sensual pleasure, dark passion and aesthetic beauty are the only things that interest him. He is a Korshun, “The Hawk” in Russian, a dangerous and cruel bird.
A common girl came to a megapolis to study and here she received an offer from Maxim to become his property for next two months and three days. She struggles to refuse this offer, like a moth to the light, Ariana is both tempted and repulsed by Maxim.
“Two Months and Three Days” is a dark tale for adults. It is full of fiery feelings, forbidden desires, and sweet wishes. Arina followed her heart and now has to pay for it, being in the arms of a tempted man, who is not afraid to play rough.

Still, Arina is not actually the one who needs help. For now, the coldest heart has to be brought to life and the entangled mind has to be saved from its own darkness. Ardent passion and a strange feeling – that curse known as “love” – have to prove: happiness is destined for everyone. 

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